A smart, modern looking sofa collection that offers superior comfort. Available as both a static and a motion option making it perfect for any home.


Available in an extensive range of sofa and chair options, with freely adjustable headrests, fully reversible seat cushions and stylish cast aluminium foot or solid hardwood leg. A wide range of luxury fabrics and accents available, including Aquaclean and Environmental Policy 100% recycled Forever.


Key features

  • All sofas and chairs can be static or recliner
  • Adjustable headrests
  • Frames are guaranteed for 15 Years

3 Seater Sofa
H 91cm | W 215cm | D 97cm

3 Seater Motion Lounger
H 91cm | W 215cm | D 97cm

2 Seater Sofa
H 91cm | W 161cm | D 97cm

2 Seater Motion Lounger
H 91cm | W 161m | D 97cm

Cuddler Sofa
H 91cm | W 125cm | D 97cm

Cuddler Motion Lounger
H 91cm | W 125cm | D 97cm

Chair and Chair Motion Loung
H 91cm | W 91cm | D 97cm

Ludo Designer chair
H 94cm | W 74cm | D 94cm

Designer stool
H 33cm | W 80cm | D 80cm

Storage Stool
H 46cm | W 65cm | D 56cm

Pieces available

  • Neptune 3 Seater Sofa
  • Neptune 2 Seater Sofa
  • Neptune Cuddler Sofa
  • Neptune Chair
  • Neptune 3 Seater Motion Lounger
  • Neptune 2 Seater Motion Lounger
  • Neptune Cuddler Motion Lounger
  • Neptune Chair Motion Lounger
  • Ludo Designer Chair
  • Ludo Designer Stool
  • Neptune Storage Stool
All measurements are approximate.

Fabric choice

Aquaclean Technology is a revolutionary fabric treatment that allows you to clean everyday stains using only water. Ashwood offer 8 designs in a collection featuring over 70 colour options.

Forever 100% recycled is a range of fabrics available exclusively from Ashwood Designs. Produced from ocean plastic, this fabric is available in a spectrum of colour, boasting a soft touch whilst being extremely hardwearing.