View across the water, Isle of Man
We at Millichap’s carefully select our products paying particular attention to the environmental approach of our suppliers. Factors taken into consideration include:

  • The use of water-based stain on cabinet furniture, which is less harmful environmentally
  • Utilising the off-cuts of wood from manufacture for heating the factory
  • Adopting a monitored and traceable reforestation programme for the sourcing of wood for the production of cabinet furniture

This approach is coupled with our own measures to be as energy-efficient as possible. For example we

  • Added extra insulation to the roof of our store
  • Carefully plan delivery routes at all times
  • Distribute for re-use as many discontinued samples and packaging as we can
  • Use recycled stationery and eco utility and cleaning products as often as possible
  • Support the use of bio fuels where appropriate in our vehicles

On another angle, consideration is given to sourcing our products from as close to home as we can and so you find our product range is weighted heavily towards British manufacture wherever possible, keeping down the volume of containers being shipped around the world.

Our tradition of supplying quality furnishings means that they need to be replaced less often, thus saving on raw materials, energy and landfill space.

Of course, this is an ongoing policy which we hope to continue and develop.