Alstons British Made Environmental policy

Alstons Upholstery is an award-winning manufacturer with a rich history spanning over 60 years, and have built a proud heritage and flawless reputation for furniture design, build quality and comfort. All Alstons sofas are manufactured in the UK, in their Colchester factory.

Alstons sofas are renowned for their versatility and longevity; this is because Alstons believes that the sofa is the centrepiece of the home for families, friends and individuals alike. Alstons furniture is furniture for life.

Energy efficiency and waste recycling is a priority for the Alston factory and products. From recycling cardboard and plastics used in the supply and delivery of their raw materials, to the recycling of the wood waste which is a by-product their wood mill and the installation of solar panels.

Alstons sofas are available in a choice of modern and classic styles. Their sofas are made to withstand the demands of everyday life and are backed by a 10 year guarantee.