Penthouse Carpets British Made

Penthouse have been lovingly crafting carpets with the finest raw materials to create products of exceptional quality since 1972. Penthouse Carpets are renowned for their high quality, beautiful British wool carpets that exceed expectations for comfort, warmth and durability.

Based in Rochdale in the North West of England, they manufacture luxurious wool carpets and source premium yarns, natural jute backing and take care throughout their manufacturing process. Combining modern manufacturing techniques with their traditional values forms the foundation for them to continue to deliver the very best for many years to come. The experience, pride and expertise of their workforce means you can be confident that your Penthouse Carpet is a British wool carpet of exceptional quality.


British wool carpets of exceptional quality.

Established over 50 years ago, Penthouse Carpets are renowned for manufacturing wool-rich carpets


Image: Crofter Loop