Relyon British Made Environmental policy

Founded in 1858 by a Somerset family of wool merchants, the Price Brothers and Co. business developed 100% wool mattresses that were of such high quality, they became known as mattresses that you could truly ‘rely-on’ for a good night’s sleep. And so the Relyon name was born out of a reputation for hand crafting wonderfully comfortable natural mattresses.

​Today their beds harness the skills of Relyon’s artisan rich pedigree and combine them with the finest natural fillings, perfectly engineered calico covered pocket springs and a host of bespoke tailoring options.​

Relyon were the first company to develop recyclable mattresses back in 1858. Their pure wool mattresses were often re-purposed by their owners who took advantage of the resilient wool interiors for insulation or compost.

Today their sustainable and environmental credentials remain as strong as ever. The timber they source for our divans is FSC certified.

Relyon Aurora Deluxe
Aurora Deluxe

This Dreamworld mattress features 1500 pocket springs and a gel infused latex layer that offer superb comfort and support, shaping itself to your body for a restful night’s sleep.
Available as a mattress and divan base set

Relyon Derwent

The Dreamworld Derwent natural pashmina 2400 Mattress has luxurious layers of natural fillings including, Pashmina and Wool to give you exquisite comfort night after night.
Available as a mattress and divan base set

Relyon Henley Natural Luxury Pillowtop
Henley Natural Luxury Pillowtop

This sumptuous and elegantly upholstered mattress that delivers sublime comfort through the clever combination of natural wool, pashmina and alpaca, plus an impressive 3000
individual pocketed springs to keep you fully supported while you sleep.

Relyon Keswick Alpaca Deluxe
Keswick Alpaca Deluxe

A Dreamworld luxury 2600 pocket no-turn easy care mattress containing Keswick alpaca, ballentyne pashmina and pure new wool layers to create a sumptuous medium feel.
Available as a mattress and divan base set

Relyon Royal Eltham
Royal Eltham

A 1400 pocket mattress designed to provide firmer luxury support, an elegant mattress upholstered with copious amounts of cotton, cashmere, lambswool and silk.
Available as a mattress and divan base set

Relyon Royal Harlington
Royal Harlington

A pocket 1700 mattress in a traditional honeycomb layout. Turnable and upholstered with an hypo allergenic layer, deep layers of wool and a blend of cashmere and silk.
Available as mattress and divan base set

Relyon Royal Osborne
Royal Osborne

A 2000 pocket sprung mattress with lambswool layer, hand teased lambswool and mohair. Base can be with or without drawers sprung or non sprung with a choice a fabrics.
Available as a mattress and divan base set

Relyon Ullswater

This Dreamworld natural silk mattress has a combined spring count of 2900 and a sumptuous pillow top layer, providing sublime comfort and excellent full body support.
Available as a mattress and divan base set