The Fine Bedding Company British Made Environmental policy

As a fourth generation British business, The Fine Bedding Company have spent more than 100 years investing in better bedding. Woven in the finest luxury materials, and with a drive for a more sustainable manufacturing process, The Fine Bedding Company has established itself as a business who not only value the comfort, but also the sustainability of its products. They have trail-blazed through the eras, from delivering durability cruise-liner mattresses in 1912, to creating a 100% Eco-friendly duvet. The Fine Bedding Company not only makes bedding better for you but better for the planet too.


We stock a large range of products from The Fine Bedding Company – Affordable AND Environmental Policy Sustainable – what’s not to like?

Choose from:

  • Bed linen & pillowcases – including natural and synthetic options
  • Pillows – including back support pillows, v pillows, and memory foam pillows
  • Mattress toppers – including Smartfibre toppers and enhancers
  • Duvets – including all seasons duvets and goose feather duvets
  • Mattress & pillow protectors – including waterproof and temperature management protectors
  • Night Owl coverless duvet – Machine-washable and one of their most popular products