The extremely popular Nevada range offers exceptional comfort with its soft, welcoming back design and soft ‘pillow’ arms.


Offered in Small and Standard sizes throughout, the larger Royale size on all Recliners and special Petite size on all Electric Riser Recliners. With particularly soft and welcoming fibre-filled back cushions, soft ‘pillow’ arms and full-width ‘chaise’ seating, it is available in an extensive range of Sherborne soft covers and leathers.

Fitted uniquely to all new Sherborne Electric Riser Recliners, the Touchstop Anti-entrapment System is an important safety system stops the chair from moving after any human contact with any part of the metal action.


Key features

  • Manual, powered or rechargeable powered recliner options
  • Aquaclean fabric treatment optional
  • 5 year guarantee on all Recliner actions, frames,  electric motors and all remaining electrical parts.

Available options

  • Nevada Small Fixed Chair
  • Nevada Standard Fixed Chair
  • Nevada Small Recliner
  • Nevada Standard Recliner
  • Nevada Royale Recliner
  • Nevada Petite Electric Riser Recliner
  • Nevada Small Electric Riser Recliner
  • Nevada Standard Electric Riser Recliner
  • Nevada Royale Electric Riser Recliner
  • Nevada Small Fixed 2-Seater Settee
  • Nevada Standard Fixed 2-Seater Settee
  • Nevada Small Reclining 2-Seater Settee
  • Nevada Standard Reclining 2-Seater Settee
  • Nevada Small Fixed 3-Seater Settee
  • Nevada Standard Fixed 3-Seater Settee
  • Nevada Small Reclining 3-Seater Settee
  • Nevada Standard Reclining 3-Seater Settee
  • Standard Stool
  • Standard Stool/Box

Fabrics & Leathers

Choose from over 50 beautiful fabric and leather options.

Sherborne fabrics are available in a wide choice ranging from suede-effect velvets  to chenilles. They offer six ranges of Aquaclean fabrics, including the new eco-friendly Magellan, Oasis and Calypso which are partly made out of recycled materials. All six ranges can be cleaned using just water, with the Nautilus range also being resistant to pets’ claws.

All Leather furniture is made entirely out of full genuine hides (no split hides or vinyls).