Everybody deserves a soft place to land. Stressless Consul is a classic recliner. It fits easily into any home and will always give you a warm welcome. Like all other Stressless recliners, it contains the world renowned Stressless functionality and you become one with the chair the minute you sit down.

Available in 67 colours

Key features

  • Balance Adapt – subtle rocking motion
  • Plus System – adjustable headrest
  • Glide System – using your body weight


The systems behind the Stressless experience

Subtle rocking motion increases the comfort – it’s all about finding the right balance. With BalanceAdapt, the sitting angle automatically adjusts to your body’s tiniest movement.

The headrest automatically adjusts as you recline – supporting your neck while you read, watch TV and rest. You also get ergonimically correct lumbar support in all positions.

Set the tension of the Stressless wheels once and adjust your sitting position simply by using your body weight.

Add even more luxury with Stressless® Power - our innovative and motorized comfort function. Find your ideal position in total comfort with a simple touch of the neatly concealed buttons.

Stressless® Consul Signature chair with footstool

Soft, comfortable rocking movements and a striking design in a wood and aluminium base.
A delight for both the body and the eye.


Available in sizes S, M and L

Stressless® Consul Classic chair with footstool

With its unique stability and timeless design, this base rewards the body with comfort beyond imagination.

Stressless® Consul Classic Power leg

Stressless recliners with Power Leg have a motorized integrated footrest that is elegantly concealed beneath the seat. The back of the recliner automatically follows your movements in the chair.


To operate the footrest, use the set of buttons that are discretely placed under the armrest. There is a battery option with magnetic charger attachment for easy access.

Stressless® Consul Classic Power leg&back

Stressless recliners with Power Leg & Back have a motorised reclining function in the backrest and the integrated footrest.


To operate, use the set of buttons that are discretely placed under the armrest. There is a battery option that comes with a magnetic charger attachment for easy access.

Stressless® and leather

A luxurious full grain leather with a soft touch and natural appeal, offering deep, vibrant colors and a beautiful lustre.

A leather which has had most of its natural marks removed. Simple cleaning, excellent utilisation properties and a favourable price make Batick a good choice.

A pigment-improved and grain-embossed upholstery leather with a distinct pebbled grain with a tip-shine, which adds depth and character to the surface. A wise choice if you want a leather with excellent utilisation properties, a robust structure and an exclusive look.

A slightly corrected leather; the grain structure of Paloma may vary slightly at some parts of the furniture. Paloma does not have the same heavy-duty quality and protection as Batick and Cori. Due to its soft, natural and comfortable expression, Paloma is a very popular choice.

Noblesse is the most exclusive quality leather offered by Ekornes. A full grain semi-aniline, it is dyed all the way through and retains the natural softness and lustre that characterises a first-class furniture leather. Although the topcoat provides a certain level of protection, Noblesse is the most delicate of the leathers used by Ekornes and regular maintenance is important to maintain its attractive appearance.